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Ambassador Huang Xingyuan attends online graduation ceremony of the Chinese Language School in Cyprus



On June 20, 2020, Ambassador Huang Xingyuan attended and addressed the online graduation ceremony of the Chinese Language School of Cyprus in Nicosia.

Ambassador Huang congratulated the students on their graduation and commended the school founder and headmaster Mrs. HAN Meimei and the teachers for their efforts in promoting Chinese language teaching. Ambassador Huang said that he is pleased to see that quality of teaching and teachers as well as the size of the school have all been growing significantly in recent years, and that the school successfully overcomed the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Ambassador Huang encouraged the students to contiune their study of the Chinese language to better prepare themselves for future opportunities. The Embassy of China in Cyprus will continue to support Chinese language teaching and cultural exchange between China and Cyprus.

The ceremony also included speeches from teacher and student representatives followed by various cultual performances by the students via the internet. On behalf of the school, Mrs. HAN Meimei thanked Ambassador Huang and the Embassy for the long-term support, saying that the teachers and students of the school are deeply motivated by Ambassador Huang's encouragement and will continue to improve the teaching quality of the school to cultivate more extraordinary talents to deepen cultural exchange between China and Cyprus.

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