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His Excellency Ambassador Huang Xingyuan's New Year's Message for 2020


As we march into year 2020, on behalf of the Embassy of
the People's Republic of China in Cyprus, I wish to extend our heartiest wishes to the local Chinese diaspora, students, our fellow compatriots in the Chinese companies and institutions and students studying in Cyprus, and to express our sincerest appreciation to the government and people of Cyprus, as well as friends who have been graciously supporting the progress of China and China-Cyprus relations.

2019 was an extraordinary year for China and China-Cyprus relations. As China celebrated 70 years of its founding, our country has weathered through a multitude of risks and challenges, stabilized its economic growth, increased employment, improved people's lives, and achieved major breakthroughs in key areas such as science and technology, environment protection and poverty reduction. Meanwhile, China-Cyprus relations has withstood the test of international changes, and set a good example for equal and mutually beneficial cooperation between countries of different sizes, cultures and social systems. We are pleased to witness that the successful visits of President Nicos Anastasiades and House President Demetris Syllouris to China within the same year, together with growing cultural and business exchange between our two countries. All these have led to a higher level of mutual understanding and trust and a clearer vision for the future cooperation between China and Cyprus.

China and Cyprus may encounter even more complexities and uncertainties in 2020 both in terms of domestic development and external relations, amidst the rise of unilateralism and protectionism, the dark cloud of power politics and hegemony, and growing uncertainty and instability in the regional and international situation. The Chinese believe that one must learn the situation, embrace challenges as opportunities to grow and follow the trend. As good friends, partners, and brothers who trust and rely on each other, China and Cyprus need to work together with vision, confidence, resilience and solidarity to confront and resolve these risks and challenges, firmly safeguard our sovereignty, security and development interests, and vigorously maintain world peace, stability and prosperity. History will vindicate the supremacy of justice over might, openness over conservatism, truth over lies, and conscience over atrocities.

2020 also marks the 60th anniversary of the independence of the Republic of Cyprus. We look forward with confidence to the deepening of China-Cyprus political mutual trust, expanding cooperation across the board and growing partnership under the "Belt and Road Initiative" through synchronizing our needs and advantages, which will keep our two countries on a track of mutual benefit, win-win and common prosperity, and bring more fairness, justice and rationality to the international relations and global governance.

In celebrating the upcoming Chinese New Year, the Embassy of China in Cyprus proudly presents a modern Chinese dance drama "Shi Feng"to the Cypriot audience on January 14 in Pafos and January 16 in Nicosia respectively, by China National Opera & Dance Drama Theater, the oldest and largest national theatre of China based in Beijing. The local Chinese diaspora will also host a Chinese Spring Festival Fair and Gala in Limassol on January 18. Come and share our joy as we greet the Chinese Year of the Rat, an animal sign of exceptional spirituality and vitality. 

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