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Ambassador HUANG Xingyuan's Οpen Letter on Hong Kong in Cyprus Mail

On November 13, 2019, Cyprus' largest English newspaper Cyprus Mail published Ambassador Huang Xingyuan's open letter in refutation of western media's irresponsible reporting οn current situation in Hong Kong. The full text is as follows: 

Ambassador Huang Xingyuan's Open Letter to Readers of Cyprus

Recently, I was approached by some readers of Cyprus Mail about the relevant reports on the current situation in Hong Kong, out of their disbelief in what actually happened. I was encouraged by the sense of justice among those Cypriot readers, but nonetheless disappointed by the very existence of such irresponsible reports in Cyprus.

The truth behind the two cited incidents is simple. The Hong Kong police did not come into any kind of body contact with the student who died after falling from a building, but was rumored to have been accountable for his death. The Hong Kong police officer who fired at a gun-snatching rioter in an attempt to rescue his colleague on the ground, was accused of shooting without cause. Some asked me how could Hong Kong police suddenly go crazy and start shooting at innocent passers-by without even firing a single shot in the past five months of incessant riots? This is entirely illogical. I can not agree more. So many Illogical things have prevailed these days- asking a third country to arrest a high profile figure of Huawei by making up a story that no one could ever believe, pointing fingers at China before no investigation being carried out to identify 39 dead bodies in a lorry in England, accusing Huawei of stealing 5G technology from nonexistent sources back home...The same logic applied when someone tested tube with washing powder being called evidence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, so long as one is able to manipulate the media.

All these remind me of what happened 20 years ago, when I was working as a press officer in the Chinese Embassy in Japan, where a Japanese journalist intentionally annotated a single shot from a snapshot showing a Chinese representative bending while sitting down, releasing the breaking news "China formally apologizes" . Fortunately, the owner of the newspaper, in his sense of righteousness, ordered the withdrawing of the photo and apologized for what happened.

It is so pathetic that the Guardian enjoys savoring the left-overs and still applies the same fraud ways of the last century. I cannot find a word for them but shameless. It is regrettable that the Cypriot media have no correspondent in Beijing or Hong Kong, so it is inevitable that the public is misguided by the fake news from some western media without professional ethics and moral fortitude.

5 months ago, a friend from the political circle of Cyprus asked me when the Hong Kong riots will stop. I told him that based on my years of experiences as a diplomat, it would not come to an end soon. Here are the reasons. The shameless and ruthless liars cover themselves under a "holy" excuse, take advantage of the lawless mobs and the incompetent judges, and descend into chess pieces for outside vicious forces. When game is over, the chess pieces will be cast away as trash. The Hong Kong incident has started from the extradition law amendments aimed to punish murderers at large and will stop eventually with the organizers and instigators turning themselves into murderers and being brought to justice. What an ironic example for all!

I wish to remind all the readers that lies are lies, even if repeated a thousand times. No country can reverse its downward trend by building up lies. One will reap what he has sown by instigating terrorism and violence. It has been told many times in the history as the best textbook.

Not long ago, a few friends of local media asked me why the Cypriot public cannot see the real-event videos seen elsewhere. I advised them to check with the Facebook operator. Another TV reporter, before her imminent trip to China, wondered if the Hong Kong riots would spread to mainland China. I reassured her that the mainland Chinese had drawn a severe lesson from the vivid negative example from the current Hong Kong black violence, so they do not have a single interest in the so-called "democracy and freedom" glutted with beating, smashing, robbing, burning and killing.  



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