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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying's Remarks on US Warship's Illegal Entry into Waters Close to Nansha Islands


Q: On September 30, the destroyer USS Decatur sailed into waters near the Nansha Islands. What is your comment?

A: On September 30, without permission from the Chinese government, the destroyer USS Decatur sailed into waters close to China's Nansha Islands. In response, the Chinese Navy identified and warned the ship to leave in accordance with laws.

China has indisputable sovereignty over the South China Sea islands and their adjacent waters. The situation in the South China Sea is becoming better thanks to the efforts by China and ASEAN countries. However, the US chose to ignore the shared will of regional countries and take on one provocative operation after another. It has, under the pretext of "navigation and overflight freedom", violated basic norms governing international relations, threatened China's sovereignty and security, and disturbed regional peace and stability. China is strongly dissatisfied with and firmly opposed to that.

We strongly urge the US side to immediately correct its mistake and stop such provocative actions to avoid undermining China-US relations and regional peace and stability. The Chinese side will take all necessary measures to safeguard its national sovereignty and security.

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